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Sewer Outfall Rehabilitation Project – 90% complete.  There is one section of pipe to be lined and a few punch list items to correct.

Electrical System Improvement – Both electric projects have been completed.  Highway 52 upgrade for new businesses and substation #2-line upgrade.  The upgrade allows the city to be able to be powered by either substation in case of an emergency.  The substation upgrade included Line Street, 2nd Ave, 5th Ave and some parts of Highway 52 in front of Tate’s.

GIS Mapping – Completed.

Slocomb Road Lift Station Repair – Completed. 

Well #2 Repair – Completed.

Armory – Has been purchased.  Pending plan for this property TBD.

Smart Meters – All equipment for phase one has arrived and some meters have been installed.

Power Purchase Agreement – The first step of the process is complete which was to select a provider to generate our power and to notify Stewart Engineering to move forward to get our city a final offer.

Landfill Expansion – ADEM is still reviewing.  ADEM has been in contact with our Engineer.